Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Alumni Volunteering Event

At World Wide Cultural Exchange, we believe in the potential of our participants to be a positive influence within their community. To inspire our Dominican Republic alumni to participate in volunteering efforts, Donara, a WWCE coordinator, organized an event to show them the life-changing impact one outreach can have.

Donara partnered with our Dominican agency, Global Exchange, to volunteer with a local elementary school - Escuela Jardin de La Infancia. The elementary school expressed needs in the facade of the school and the physical education department. World Wide Cultural Exchange and Global Exchange sponsored a local artist, José Francisco Rodriguez Estévez, to paint a mural that would spark joy in each child as they entered the school. Additionally, World Wide Cultural Exchange donated P.E. supplies such as jump ropes, a t-ball set, chalk, and frisbees.

During Donara’s recruitment trip to the Dominican Republic, she visited the school to see the mural and distribute the supplies. She was joined by Global Exchange, past WWCE participants, and our employer representatives - Kirk of O’Reilly Hospitality and Amanda of Loews Hotels. The group toured the school, stopping into the classrooms of the pre-k and kindergarten students. The students gave a presentation celebrating one of the founding fathers of the Dominican Republic, Juan Pablo Duarte, whose 206th birthday happened to be that day. The day ended with sharing the phys.ed. equipment and playing with the children. The entire school was grateful for the donations and the generosity shared. For Donara, this was one of the most feel-good and rewarding moments of her time with WWCE.

Our event is an example of the global impact of the Exchange Visitor Program and the work WWCE does. We hope we planted the seeds for continued effort in enriching one’s local community through volunteering.

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During this trip, Donara and our employers recruited for our summer 2019 program. We’re excited to welcome them to our country and foster their success on our program!