Chengdu, China: Alumni Event and Recruitment Trip

This past December, World Wide Cultural Exchange was invited to attend a Summer Work and Travel alumni event with Exchange Visitor sponsors and overseas agencies. The event provided the opportunity for Exchange Visitors to reconnect with their sponsor and network with other Exchange Visitors, with the backdrop of an international symbol of China - Giant Pandas. Our coordinator, Donara, joined with a past WWCE Exchange Visitor from Six Flags Magic Mountain to tour the research base. Following the tour, the sponsors, agencies, and Exchange Visitors enjoyed traditional Chinese cuisine.

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is a world advanced nature conservation and education institution. It is committed to conservation education as well as giant panda breeding, using the support of its strong of science education expertise and human resources to play a significant role in spreading awareness about biodiversity conservation, represented by the endangered species of the giant panda.

- Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Donora also had an additional day to become acquainted with Chengdu. The day included a tour of the city and a tour of a historic museum which showcased three famous Chengdu war heroes. Afterwards, she had dinner and a show - hot pot food and a mask changing performance. In addition to the alumni and cultural events, a recruitment fair was held. Donara and a Six Flags Magic Mountain representative recruited Exchange Visitors for our upcoming 2019 season. We are busy planning their program and cannot wait for their arrival!