Manila / Bacolod, Philippines: Recruitment Fairs

For two weeks, our coordinator, K.Leigh, travelled through the Philippines and Thailand with a few of WWCE’s employer partners to provide program information and hiring opportunities to prospective participants! In addition to recruitment, the trip allowed our coordinator and employers to gain a better understanding of their participants’ background and participate in a core component of the WWCE’s programs – cultural exchange! 

In the Philippines, K.Leigh, along with Chef Leon of Loews Hotels and Nikki of Patina Restaurant Group, immersed themselves in the Filipino culture. During the agency-arranged cultural day, they visited the Natural History Museum, Fort Santiago, and the Archeological Museum. The Natural History Museum educated them on the various ecosystems that exist in the Philippines with many taxidermized species and immersive representations of the environments. Fort Santiago explored the Philippines political past and housed a Jose Rizal, a Philippine national hero, exhibit. The Archeological Museum highlighted the rich cultures of the Philippines from weaving masters to ancient burial pottery. Throughout the trip, Chef Leon and Nikki enjoyed family-style eating to try diverse dishes like Chicken Adobo and Sigsig. A lone vegan, K.Leigh still tasted local delights like coconut juice straight from the source. The hospitality and friendliness of the Filipinos made everyone feel truly welcomed. 


The recruitments fairs were a success! K.Leigh provided an overview of WWCE’s Advanced Training Program – everything from Department of State regulations to housing options. Chef Leon and Nikki tested the aspiring chef’s knife skills, while K.Leigh evaluated the English skills of the Food and Beverage students and graduates. In Bacolod City, our culinary applicants went a few steps further and crafted a complete meal for Chef Leon to assess!

The fairs welcomed some familiar faces as previous Summer Work and Travel participants attended the fairs to return on WWCE’s APT program. Seeing returnees is a positive testament to the Exchange Visitor program.

Photographs contributed by WWCE, Three Lions, First Place International,

Career Services International, and Chef Leon.

K.Leigh Furzerapt, SWT, #Recruitment