February 2019 Summer Work and Travel MVP - Gustavo Sanchez Folhas

Congratulations, Gustavo!

Gustavo was selected based on his employer feedback, timeliness responses to WWCE, and thoughtful Monthly Monitoring answers. Gustavo’s supervisor, Gabriel Rodrigues of Challenger Sports, had the following to say:

Gustavo Folhas has great skills as a futsal trainer. He has done a great job in engaging the players and motivating them so they can do their best while at the practices and games. He is also a very good team member, very flexible and always willing to help in any way he can. He loves the experience in the USA and he is having  a fantastic time.

We’re proud to have you on our program - Gustavo!

Name: Gustavo Sanchez Folhas

Position: Futsal coach and managaer of futsal winter programs

Location: Rochester, Minnesota

Home Country: Brazil

What You’re Studying: Sport Science

Fun Fact: I left my parents house when I was only 16

You’ve already been an Exchange Visitor. How is this year’s experience different from your previous experience? It´s the first time that I have been here during the winter. It’s really different not only the weather but how people behave during the different seasons, so far it has been an awesome experience.

What do you enjoy about your job? What skills are you learning from your work experience? What I enjoy the most about my job is being around yound developing kids, being a role model, and someone that they see not only as coach/teacher, but also as a friend. Besides that being able to apply in the real world, things we learn in college classes is a very unique experience.

How have you shared your culture with Americans? Yup! I have shared lots of the brazilian culture with american people. I have showed them different realities some people in my country have live through, showed them some traditional foods, and had some awesome conversations about differences in our worlds.

What is your favorite part of American culture? My perception about american culture I believe it is still very narrow, since so far I have met mostly people that came from privileged backgrounds. But from my knowledge what I like the most  is that when Americans really get to know who you are, and they like you, they will treat you like a long time friend, or a family member.

K.Leigh FurzerSWT, #LifeTraveled