March MVP: Gaurav Bale

Each month, WWCE selects a MVP (Most Valuable Participant). The MVP is an Intern/Trainee chosen by WWCE coordinators who we believe has achieved greatness in his/her training, has maintained compliance of program rules, and/or has been a go-getter with cultural activities.

Gaurav Bale was chosen by Samantha Hobbs because "He has been through a lot and has still had a positive outlook and enjoyed his program. He is also always happy to help with anything asked of him. He is just a great participant overall!"

Position: Culinary. Employer: Westgate Resorts. Location: Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Cocoa Beach, Florida. 

Why did you choose to come on a J1 I/T program? One of the most crucial reasons I took interest in this program is because it really allows me to be immersed completely by a new and different culture. Additionally, the WWCE team sets your training program in such a way that you are able to gain hands-on experience in the disciple which you study, participate in planned and coordinated cultural activities whilst in the country, not forgetting you get to meet new people of different cultures.

What are your career plans once you return home? How are you hoping to apply the training you’ve learned? First I want to spend little time with my family, and my dream is I want to work in London, UK / United States of America in a Five Star Hotel. During my internship I learnt new things, and the application of things I acquired through university. The real world is different, and there’s a lot of adjustment, but it is worth it. My host company (Westgate Resorts) was very welcoming and treated me with respect. The placement experience equipped me with knowledge that I will be able to utilise further down my career path. It gave me confidence and a positive attitude towards dealing with difficulties in the workforce. Aside from technical skills, it also enhanced my public relations, customer service, and communication skills. Performance Careers fully supported and prepared me to become confident and successful. They worked endlessly to provide me with the best internship place. Performance Careers believes in their student more than the student believes in themselves

What has been the most memorable part of your program? My exchange year has given me many things. Things that are not bought with money - friends and a new family. As now it is about the end of my exchange year, it is hard to believe that time runs this fast. I am going to miss everyone a lot once I am back to my home country Pakistan. It has been an honor for me being part of this program. I want to thank every single one who have special part in my life and have helped me make my exchange year the most perfect exchange ever. And a very special thank you to my coordinator and WWCE Team and Westgate Resorts.

What differences did you notice between the two cities of Gatlinburg, TN and Cocoa Beach, Florida? Was it easy and fun to adapt to the new location? I notice very big difference that is change. And it was not easy , but I accept that change is not something that happens to us. Change is something that is happening all the time. Oh…it just happened…oh…it happened again…and again…oh there it goes again…ooh change just happened again. Change is constantly occurring whether we are aware of it or not. And to think that we are in a static mode and then change happens is not true. We see change happening all around us but often fail to notice it because we are wrapped in the day to day. By learning to ACCEPT change as a natural law of life, we can begin to adapt more quickly as it creeps into our workplace. Acceptance gives our mind certainty that we often crave during times of turbulence. Accept that our workplace will have lots of change. Might get a new boss. Might have to move to a different location or a department. May have to do more work that we may not be trained for. Just as the Earth moves slowly forward day by day, accept that change in the workplace is inevitable. Don’t run away from a natural occurrence of life. Accept it. Once we do, there’s nothing holding us back.

YAY, GAURAV! We're so lucky to have you in our program!

K.Leigh FurzerAPT