DECEMBER 2018 MVP - Ellen Jean Arsulo

We chose Ellen because she always stays in contact with WWCE, and she has worked to overcome challenges on the program while maintaining a high level of training.

We are proud of you, Ellen!

Name: Ellen Jean Arsulo

Position: Cook

Location: Louisville, Kentucky 

Fun Fact About You: I can’t think of anything 😆😭


Why did you choose to come on a J1 I/T program? How are you hoping to apply this program once you’ve returned home?

Coming to america was just a dream until I finally set my foot here. America has many career opportunities that in my opinion hardly exist in 3rd world countries like Philippines. With the good feedback from other people who had experienced the program’s results, I was encouraged to apply for it. I wanted to experience living independently, working in a new and unfamiliar environment and getting outside of my comfort zone. The mere fact that the program has helped many J1s in making their dreams come true also leveled up my enthusiasm and excitement to take the risk and do things that I wouldn’t normally do. 

This internship is a taste of the real world, exposing me to the problems and issues that are not found in textbooks. It helped me increase my knowledge of responsibility, focus, drive and ambitions. I have learned to adapt to different situations as well as helping in any way that I can and taking the initiative to do something even when there’s no one to tell me what to do. For the past months, I have worked hard that even when confronted with difficulties, I just keep on moving forward to get the task done. Working hasn’t been easy. The long hours standing on my feet, the hot kitchen during summer and freezing cold during winter, the stress and constant pressure, these are few things that made my work-life uneasy. But it was the experience that made me feel prepared to welcome new adventures once I’ve returned home. This experience would be an excellent way to kick off my career knowing that I will be ahead of the curve. 


What has been the most memorable aspect of your program?

While we Filipinos are to known to be close to our families, so close that we normally don’t want to live far from each other, this program has been a life changing experience because I was able to live independently, away from my family. I would never forget how I learned to balance my time at work and leisure, how I managed to live my own life and how I made my own money to support myself. No day is the same and each day brings something different whether at work or personal reasons thus, each experiences that I had will surely be unforgettable. 


How have you kept your strong, positive spirit during the hard times?

Some things come against us and we experience things we don’t understand. Hard situations can be a little overwhelming. What I’ve realized is that it is through hard times that we become stronger and braver. My ways in keeping a strong positive spirit? I surround myself with people who affect me positively, encourage and motivate me. They say that when you're surrounded by good people, you're surrounded by life. Knowing who to trust and what advice to take. I also practice forgiveness. Some people get on our nerves but I always remind myself that even though I can’t control what other people do and say, I can control my attitude. Resentment only breeds bitterness and unhappiness, and it's better to let the negativity go and embrace positivity. Lastly, I pray sincerely and trust God in everything. It gives me a sense of peace and get my mind into a calmer state. Knowing that He got me, I have learned to let go and let Him. 

What is your favorite thing about Louisville?

I think it’s the combination of all. It's the overall community, location, low cost of living, culture, and traffic. I really haven’t done a lot here but all the simple little experiences I’ve had are my favorites because I get to spend it with people that I love and people that I became close with. 🥰

K.Leigh FurzerMVP, APT