Bangkok, Thailand: Recruitment Fairs

Continuing their trip from the Philippines, K.Leigh and Chef Leon traveled to Bangkok, Thailand. Brian of WonderWorks, Sarah of Eagles Beachwear, and Christian of Six Flags Magic Mountain rounded out the recruitment team.


During the cultural day, everyone visited Wat Pho, the Grand Palace, and the “Decoding Thainess” at the Museum of Siam. The architecture and sculptures in their attention to detail were exquisite. The “Decoding Thainess” exhibit beautifully represented a timeline of Thai culture. In the evening, everyone put on their chef’s hat to craft four Thai dishes with Sompong Cooking School – noodles, a salad, curry, and mango sticky rice. Chef Leon had an edge, but they all created delicious meals! K.Leigh, Brian, and Chef Leon’s second cultural day took them outside of the city to see the train market where a train passed mere inches from the stalls, the floating market where they travelled the canals by boat, and Wat Bang Kung where they entered a temple tangled with a banyan tree. The day concluded with dinner overlooking a nighttime cityscape and the Chao Phraya river. 


Our overseas partners hosted wonderful events with eager participants. K.Leigh presented both Summer Work and Travel and Advanced Professional Training participants with necessary information such as the program purpose and cultural component. The employers also gave presentation to inform their applicants about company background, city-specific cultural opportunities, and expectations. K.Leigh and the employers are thankful to have met so many people! WWCE’s team looks forward to welcoming all the hired applicants to the program in the coming year. 


Thank you to our amazing partners who hosted us and arranged our recruitment fairs!

K.Leigh FurzerSWT, APT, #Recruitment