Program Events - Valencia

All of our participants join the SWT program to experience American life and American culture. Over the course of their program, we offer various events that highlight our favorite aspects of American culture so we can share these with our participants. For our participants working at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, we hosted three events:

DISNEYLAND - rightfully, the Happiest Place On Earth! Our participants spent the day enjoying classic rides, munching on churros, and meeting Mickey Mouse. The participants also learned about the successful leadership legacy of Walt Disney in Disneyland's Youth Leadership program that took the participants across the park to actively learn about leadership skills. A bonus to any resume, and insightful tips for them as they enter their chosen career field!


SANTA BARBARA - a seaside town rich in Spanish history! The participants began the day by visiting the the Santa Barbara Mission, where they learned about the history of the mission and Santa Barbara. The mission is "home to a community of Franciscan friars, a beautiful church with a large and active parish; a museum and git shop; a cemetery and mausoleum; and twelve acres of beautifully landscaped gardens". After the mission, the participants walked the pier and State Street, picturesque even on a gloomy day.

HOLLYWOOD HIKE - iconic Los Angeles! The Hollywood Hike offers both a fun, outdoor experience and offers close-up views of the Hollywood Sign. In addition, the city of Los Angeles serves as the entire backdrop. While the hike may have been more intense than participant's anticipated, everyone made it to the top!

K.Leigh FurzerSWT