Participant Spotlight: Sydric Ivan Salayog

As part of our departure material, we ask our participants to share their story of participating in a cultural exchange program. The following submission is written by Sydric Ivan Salayog, a Summer Work and Travel participant who worked at Loews Hotels in Orlando, Florida.

When I was a child, travelling to the United Stated of America (USA) is my ultimate dream that I thought I could never reach. Thank God! I was able to fulfill my dream through my Summer Work and Travel. With this, I was able to fly in the U.S. and got my J1 VISA.

With much gratitude, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledged THREE LIONS VISA SERVICES and WORLDWIDE CULTURAL EXCHANGE for giving us a vast lead when it comes to our chosen career path in the future.

Working here in Orlando, Florida is a big adjustment for me during my first week. I have to mingle and be professional with different races, colors, and culture. When the time that I was assigned to work in Starbucks Universals Cabana Bay Beach Resort, I was surprised because I didn’t know anything with regards to delectable coffee and sumptuous food. But since I persevered in the process of knowing the preparation, I found it very simple but challenging.

In addition, I was able to deal with ease with Argentinians, Puerto Ricans and other hispanic people in Starbucks. I have built a rapport with them. I also felt that I have gained a lot of confidence when it comes to assigned work. At one instance, one of my supervisors gave me a Star Card as a recognition to my incomparable dedication to work after a month.

The time, values, and core competence are my investment for staying here in Orlando for a few months. These will be my means to inspire J1 students who want to stay and study here. Rest assured that out of this experience, you will gain maturity, determination, confidence and self-discipline.

Thank you WWCE for giving us the opportunity to developed and mold ourselves into a better US!