May 2019 Most Valuable Participant: Paz Kaewchuay

Congratulations to our May MVP, Paz! We chose Paz because of his bright, positive personality! His employer, Renaissance Denver, had these kind words to say about Paz:

Paz’s first impression is his great smile! He lights up the room. He is an extremely hard worker who is a quick learner and willing to do what is asked of him. He has trained in many areas of our operations and has done a great job. He really is our MVP on a daily basis. We appreciate his hard work and his smile.
Tim Rickert, Banquet Manager

Why did you choose to come on a Cultural Exchange Training program? How are you hoping to apply this program once you’ve returned home? Because I think this program is a good chance for me to learn many things. I am learning a lot such as learning about American culture and learning how to live and survive in a different situation that I've never met before. And learn how to work with international people. For me, I really happy to join this program. I hope to apply again if I have a chance. And I can tell this is amazing program to make me more stonger than before. My english is better than before as well.

 What is one of the biggest culture difference from the US and your home country? Food culture is biggest difference for me. When I came here I always cooking my food that I really love it because I don't like the food that make me fat lol. Since I come here I remember I had only 7 pieces of pizza and 5 hamburgers.

How did this program help you gain independence? To join this program, everyone left family and come to stay alone or with some friends. And for me, I feel like I can do everything - I can go anywhere that I would love. I don't have to worry, and I really enjoy to explore around city and state. 

How does the hospitality industry in the US differ from your home country? I think is kind of the same because Thailand and the US are popular destinations for tourist. And right now, the MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) industry is valuable trend in Thailand, so for MICE industry the people or group visiting there go to Meeting or Conventions. And for the US in Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel that I work with, most of clients come for Convention and Meeting. That make my work so busy. The hospitality industry in Thailand will growth up because of the quality of service and tourist destination. We're so stressful about the service and take care of consumers more than the US.

What has been the most memorable aspect of your program? Since I join the program, I had many things come to my life as a good thing and bad thing, but all made me like an Iron who are a stronger. So, all story happened to me are awesome memories if make me feel bad or make me so proud of myself ❤️

K.Leigh FurzerAPT, MVP