March 2019 Advanced Professional Training MVP: Nana Tsuchihashi

Congratulations, Nana! Nana is chosen as the MVP because she always stays in contact with WWCE, and she shares her experiences with us. She has overcome some unexpected situations that resulted in moving to a different placement, which she found on her own. We are so proud of her for not giving up on her program. 

Name: Nana Tsuchihashi

Position: Retail Management

Location: Hawaii

Fun Fact About You: I am eating pasta almost 300 days!!

Why did you choose to come on a J1 I/T program? How are you hoping to apply this program once you’ve returned home? I choose this J1 program to improve and explore myself in foreign country. I always hope to meet new people and to know new cultures or differences. I believe that new experiences make me more mature and to get rich cultivate through this training.

What has been the most memorable aspect of your program? The most memorable aspect was busy season in the store, like Black Friday, Christmas and New Year's happy bag events. It was very busy, however I was so excited and I satisfied by myself because we hit great sales more than last year also we did  great job as team!! I feel very thankful to join the team as internship this time.


How have you kept your strong, positive spirit during the hard times? I always set my mind to be positive even though I face to tough time or some difficulties. And I believe myself that I am deserving of all good things.


What is your favorite thing about being in Hawaii? I always go to the ocean and just floating in the sea also I added new thing to my favorite is to go to hiking in early morning. Finding new flowers, birds, different color of a tree... Taking picture of rainbow. I am lucky to stay in Hawaii!!  

K.Leigh FurzerAPT, MVP