January 2019 Advanced Professional Training MVP - Quincherville Villanueva

Congratulations, Quincherville! You have been chosen as MVP by both WWCE and your Host Employer supervisor.

Quincherville was chosen by WWCE because she has proven to be communicative, responsible, and compassionate for others since the first week that she arrived to the US. Any time WWCE needs to talk to her, she responds immediately and has always complied with our requests in a timely manner. 

Chef Leon of Loews Hotels selected Quincherville because:

[she] is a role model for J1s and existing team members. She has quickly exceled with in the pastry department, and it is a pleasure to have her on my team. Currently she is running a station with in pastry on her own.  Meticulous and detailed oriented  in everything she does.  Quincherville has personal motivation with high energy. She pushes her herself with a set of goals that she would like to archive daily.  No fear with new challenges, in fact she asks to be challenged daily. 

It is such a pleasure to have a smiling self-motivated individual within the pastry department. As she has expressed to me, “I’m here to learn, I would like to be a pastry chef”. I have no doubt that one Quincherville will become an amazing pastry chef in the near future. 

Screenshot 2018-12-26 15.16.22.png

Name: Quincherville Villanueva

Position: Pastry Intern

Location: Loews Portofino Bay Universal Orlando

Fun Fact About You: I’m a graphic designer who decided to do pastry as a career.

Why did you choose to come on a J1 I/T program? How are you hoping to apply this program once you’ve returned home?

I was hoping to gain experience in this field in the most advanced way possible. The US is by far more at par with that than the Philippines is. I also wanted to become more independent and self-sufficient. I will use the knowledge I have learned here to become the best pastry chef I could ever be, may it be in a hotel or in my own bakery.


What has been the most memorable aspect of your program?

For me, everyday is a new experience, but what sticks with me is me getting through each day of it. I have gained several foreign friends and have made amazing cultural exchanges whilst being here.

How have you kept your strong, positive spirit during the hard times?

I always seek to become better. I strive to be better than I was yesterday and that has kept me going. Every challenge is a path to becoming a better you.

What is your favorite thing about training at Portofino Hotel?

I love how the staff are very supportive of your training and how they treat you as a family member. I have never felt distant from my team, and I appreciate that. I have always been supported by my chef and my trainors in everything I aspire to learn.

K.Leigh Furzerapt, #LifeTraveled