August MVP - Javier Garcia-Solans

“I would like to nominate Javier as the August MVP because he has been an outstanding, caring, independent, and responsible participant. From the first day we spoke on Skype I could tell that he was excited for the program, open to experience and embrace American culture, and overall has a great outlook on the program. This is Javier’s second program with his host employer, which exemplifies the love that the company has for him. I can’t think of a better person to represent both the J1 APT Program and WWCE for the month of August. Keep up the outstanding work Javier and come visit if you’re ever in California!”

- Megan Gilbride, WWCE Compliance Officer

Name: Javier Garcia
Position: Finance
Location: Washington DC, Metro Area
Fun Fact About You: Tried going vegan, lasted less than a day.

Why did you choose to come on a J1 Internship program? The opportunity to get exposure in a very competitive industry while improving my communication skills and learning about the American culture in a way few people can. This program allows you to have an experience abroad that not only will help you professionally in the future but also opens your mind and gives you a different perspective of the world. 

What are your career plans once you return home? How are you hoping to apply the training you’ve learned? I haven’t decided yet. My goal is to start my own business, but you never know what the future will look like. Regardless of what my next professional adventure is, the skills I learned in the US will be incredibly helpful and will help me differentiate myself from the rest. I had the chance to work with companies that are disrupting the clean tech sector and learn what you need to do to succeed as a company.

Since this is your second program with your HE, how is this second time different than the first? It’s been considerably easier to adapt. You come back to a place where you know the team, the company and understand your responsibilities and limitations. You have people that care about you here so you are not starting all over again. It also shows that American companies are great employers and will give you opportunities if you work hard.

What has been the most memorable part of your program? The people I’ve met. Countless individuals that have helped me in every step of the way, and made me feel at home. There seems to be a constant, the fact that wherever we go, we find likeminded people to share your journey with. Those people and the experiences I lived with them are always going to be a part of me.


K.Leigh FurzerMVP, APT