A-1, J-1


adjective / \ˈā-ˈwən\

  1. :  having the highest possible classification — used of a ship

  2. 2:  of the finest quality :  first-rate

Inno Espande, Embassy Suites Hotel. Employee of the Month.

Ria Len Desaliza, Denver Renaissance Hotel. Employee of the Month.

Danika Mengote, Avanti Resort. "My name is Fernando Mejia and I visited the Avanti Resort this week for business. I wanted to pay special attention to one of your employees named Danika. Danika was extremely professional and courteous. She has a great personality and happy demeanor. She was able to help me with a small issue I had with my room and took care of it swiftly using her great customer service skills. I would like for you to give her a pat on the back. It is people like her that keeps the business people like me coming back to your establishment." - Avanti Customer

Jodie Pe, Loews Royal Pacific Hotel. "Jodie has a great personality and she excels in guest information and interaction. She is a total team player and is always willing to lend a hand whenever it is needed. Jodie has worked in many of our food outlets during her internship and has been praised by her teammates and Chef’s alike for her teamwork and cohesiveness. Jodie is a natural; she brings a good amount of knowledge and the willingness to learn which makes her a unique individual. Jodie is one to rely on when there is a need or a special project that needs attention." - Chef Nando

Venus Limon, Don Cesar Hotel. "Venus is always smiling and willing to help. She shows up on time and follows directions well. She has a sense of calm to herself, no matter how busy it is, which is a rare quality. She is an asset to our culinary team." - Chef Neeraj

Winnie Abino, Don Cesar Hotel. "Winnie is quick learner and firmly believes in running a smooth shift. She is dedicated and very reliable. She is very respectable and very hard working tam member. We are proud to Winnie on our team." - Chef Neeraj.

Grechel Guia, Baltimore Country Club. "Grechel has been a very important part of the culinary team since the beginning of her internship. She has successfully worked in every culinary department and has always had a positive attitude. Grechel is always a team player and has never said no to any request from the chef such as coming in on days off, working late, coming in early, and completing any project given to her no matter how miserable or fun that project is. She has even ran the pool café when we haven’t had a manager to put over there, that says a lot about a 22 year intern with little management experience." - Richard Jallet

Robertson Urbano, Loews Cabana Bay Hotel. "From Day 1 Robertson has been a great team member. He is a quick learner, polite, and willing to do what ever it takes to make it happen for the guest. Last week we had a group of 200 kids ask for Pizzas at 10pm. Robertson was the 1st to volunteer to help make the pizzas." David McKeever

Ervind Juaman, Embassy Suites Hotel. "Ervind is top notch. Always getting the job done, never complaining, and always showing up for his scheduled shift. Never any issues with him." - Jordan Hawthorne

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