August 2019 Most Valuable Participant: Diana Borja

Congratulations, Diana! We selected Diana as August’s Most Valuable Participant because she always keeps in contact with WWCE, respond sin a timely manner, and she has participated in many cultural activities:

Eating in some Buffets American food, going to Clearwater beach and New Smyrna beach with other J1s, going to the Sunday Fair in Downtown Orlando, visiting museums and libraries, going to the Theme Parks, spending the afternoon in July 4rth with fireworks in Citywalk.

Name: Diana Borja

Position: Lifeguard 

Location: Orlando, FL

Home Country: Ecuador 

What You’re Studying in School: Languages

Fun Fact About You:  I love music and to play the piano.

How do you like living in Orlando? How is it different from your home town? The people and culture is very different from our control and the way of living. The food and things to do are different.

What do you enjoy about working at Loews Hotels? The way they care about their employees 

What is your favorite part of American culture? The different food that you have is delicious.

How have you shared your culture with Americans? By spending time at work talking with them about me and my experiences and my beautiful home country Ecuador and the many places to visit there.

K.Leigh Furzer