July 2019 Most Valuable Participant: Ronan Fenn

Congratulations, Ronan! WWCE selected Ronan as July’s MVP because he followed the correct steps to secure a second job, he completed Monthly Monitoring in a timely manner, and the owner of The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, his employer, had lovely words to say about him:

Ronan is hard working, good-natured, and a fast learner. Very quickly he asserted himself as a professional; giving us opportunities to train him on advanced job skills. Any business would be lucky to have him on their team. - Nate Pollak

Name: Ronan Fenn

Position: Front of House Staff, The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

Location: San Francisco, California

Home Country: Ireland

What You’re Studying in School: Finance

Fun Fact About You: I'm a certified advanced open water scuba diver.

How do you like living in San Francisco? How is it different from your home town? I'm living in Berkeley and commuting to the City in San Francisco for work. Hard to compare to Ireland, but I'm really enjoying the food, visiting the sights and meeting new people

What do you enjoy about working at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen? The staff are really friendly and good craic to work with and the job gives me a nice amount of trust and responsibility which is nice to have. I'm also enjoying the constant interaction with the customers.

What has been the most surprising aspect of American culture? From working in bars back in Ireland and there not being a culture of tipping, as opposed to it being the norm here took a small bit of getting used to initially. 

What have you learned or gained from being on this program? So far I would say the main thing that this program has showed me is that California is potentially a place where I'd like to live in the future as it has so much to offer. 

K.Leigh Furzer