Cultural Happenings: May 2019

A key purpose of the Exchange Visitor Program is for Exchange Visitors to be introduced to the American culture. There is a rich culture broadly across the entire country and niche cultures within each community. World Wide Cultural Exchange organizes cultural events upon arrival and during programs to ensure EVs have the opportunity to learn about both American and local culture.


Turtles! Snakes! Birds! Our participants in Rock Hill, South Carolina were surrounded by local wildlife while kayaking down the Catawba River. While steering was questionable in the beginning, we eventually advanced to paddling through rapids before enjoying a calm float down the river.

“I love rivers, so it was an amazing activity and also like doing things, I had around 3 years without kayaking, so thank you so much for the experience.” - Juan Leonardo Amparo


During our welcome event in Springfield, Missouri, WWCE treated our participants to a fun-filled afternoon of bowling. For many of our participants, this was their first experience with the game.

“The cultural event was very fun and learning for me, because it was the first time I played bowling and I learned a bit about the game.” - Franchesca Calzado Ruiz


Baseball games have so many cultural aspects to share with our participants - the game itself, songs, mascots, food, and more! Baseball is a must-see for any of our Exchange Visitors! This event was a chance for our Louisville community to get to know each other - our housing contact, the employer, an Advanced Professional Training participant, our Summer Work and Travel participants, and a WWCE coordinator all joined together for the event.

“I like the part in where we get to bond with our bosses in such activities in which they serve as our guide as well as our respected advisers. We are looking forward to bond with them in different activities that we'll still have.” - Myka Karizza Lamela

K.Leigh FurzerAPT, SWT