Year In Review: Orlando Cultural Events 2018

As a Summer Work and Travel sponsor, World Wide Cultural exchange is committed to providing opportunities to our participants to experience various aspects of American culture. In 2018, we organized events for our participants to play on the beautiful beaches of Florida, taste an indulgent American breakfast of coffee and donuts, learn about American scientific innovation, and exchange their favorite cuisine.

Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach

In sunny May, we took the students to one of Florida’s most sought after shores - Cocoa Beach. This world-famous surfing sport offered a beautiful scenery of quiet blue waves and soft white sand where participants played volley ball, soccer and non-contact football. The participants tasted quintessential Florida seafood and gained surfing tips from the locals.

In July, our participants enjoyed a relaxing day at Daytona Beach. They played soccer, beach volleyball, and a few participants even caught some waves body boarding! Some participants walked around and took many photos, while others explored the various shops and restaurants that surround the beach. They shared stories and taught our coordinator words and phrases in their native tongue. This experience offered many a chance to experience the beach atmosphere of America at one of its finest tourist destinations.

Donut and Coffee Day

Some of the simplest joy comes from a culinary treat, so we invited our participants to enjoy a popular American food combination - coffee and donuts - with us. Fun fact: the well-known ring shape of the donut was invented in America in 1847! We served various donuts for participants to try both beloved classics and experimental flavors. The participants shared with us how they prepare coffee in their home countries and how the taste differs from the coffee served in the United States. Beyond taste-testing, we also spent the day playing pool and table tennis.

Orlando Science Center

To provide a glimpse into the latest technological advances and scientific research in the United States, we took a trip to the Orlando Science Center. The participants learned about solar technology and how green energy can save the planet from catastrophic climate change. They also learned about weather systems and hurricane formation, followed by a trip into an advanced wind simulator. The students had a blast and said that they all learned something new!

Exchange Visitor Day (Previously known as JDAY)

Exchange Visitor Day is an opportunity to come together to celebrate our amazing participants and the positive impact of Exchange Programs. Before our participants arrive, we always ask them what is one part of their culture that they want to share while on the program. Frequently, the response is cuisine. With this in mind, we coordinated a pot luck where our participants from the Philippines, China, Thailand , Ghana, Nigeria, and the Dominican Republic could gather together and share their favorite dishes like Ghainian Jollof and Chinese Spicy Tofu and Noodles. Following food, the participants played games, danced, and sang popular American songs. The beauty of the event was taking a step back and seeing that people from different countries could laugh and sing as one.  

K.Leigh FurzerSWT, apt, #LifeTraveled