"Carla is a loyal and dedicated professional that will go far in this industry and will enhance any company or business she works for."

- James Adams, Executive Chef, The Brown Hotel


"Carla has a positive attitude and always lends a helping hand during new arrivals."

- Samantha Hobbs, WWCE


Name: Carla Nicole Guevarra Yutuc

Position: Line cook

Location: The Brown Hotel, Louisville

Fun Fact About You: I love cooking, but I love eating even more 😋


Why did you choose to come on a J1 Internship program? I chose to become an intern purely because of my love for exploration and food. I get maximum exposure with different cultures, and I get to know more about what I love. 


What are your career plans once you return home? How are you hoping to apply the training you’ve learned? In hopes of having my own business, I will study more trends and work more in the culinary field to get more experience, and hopefully, I will be able to make something unique for my own food business.


You completed a SWT program in Colorado. How is your experience on the Intern/Trainee program in Kentucky different than the SWT program in Colorado? Here in Louisville I've been given the privelege of knowing a lot in the culinary department - more hectic, more time constraint life in the kitchen, but in Colorado I also experienced working in front of the house, and I think these enable me to be knowledgeable in both sides of my chosen field. 


What has been the most memorable part of your program? For me every single day that I've stayed here is memorable... being able to work with cool and nice people and gaining friends at the same time ❤️

K.Leigh FurzerAPT, MVP