June MVP: Irish Ivy Domingo

Congratulations, Irish!

"Irish was an exceptional help during our Charity Challenge event in Orlando! She helped with recruitment and organization and showed great leadership on the day of. The event wouldn't have been the same without her!" -K.Leigh, Engagement Coordinator 

Name: Irish Ivy SP. DomingoPosition: Food and Beverage / Location: Loews Cabana Bay Hotel Fun Fact About You: I easily get along with people, and I always make time for fitness and exercise because I always feel that I'm fat 😂

Why did you choose to come on a J1 I/T program? I chose to participate in J1 internship program for me to learn and gain new experiences. To live independently and for me to know who really am I. To know myself and my capabilities.

What are your career plans once you return home? How are you hoping to apply the training you’ve learned? I'm planning to apply and look forward to a greater job because I believe that this experience will give me an advancement for the career that I will be in. My dream is to be a Flight Attendant, knowing water rescues and CPR may be a point on my resume. Living and working here in the US enhances my communication skills especially since I'm surrounded by foreign nationalities. Working at Starbucks is not just making coffee, for me it's your way to make your guest smile and love the taste of the coffee that you made for them. That's why I feel so happy and appreciated when the guest says  "I like it, thank you so much" even though I know that it's just the standard.

Obviously you love being active and being involved in sports. Can you tell me a little about your background in athletics and what you love about it? Honestly I grew up with sports. I started playing Badminton when I was a kid, then swap in soccer when I was in college, then started getting into triathlons during my last year in college up to the present. I tried doing Muai Thai too, but it hurts a lot so I stopped. When I got here in Orlando, the first thing I looked at was a fitness gym or a pool so I can still do my training. Luckily our apartment has one, but now I signed up in a gym neer our workplace so I can do more workouts and lifts. I always make sure that I have time to run or workout even if I'm busy at work.

What has been the most memorable part of your program? The program itself is memorable. A lot of things happened. In starbucks I can't forget the day that I got certified because I'm the one who asked them to certify me just after days of training, and I made it 😊. It's an achievement for me.

Thank you so much for letting me have this experience and memories 😊😍

K.Leigh Furzer